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Why is GitHub Actions installing Go 1.2 when I specify Go 1.20?

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Because YAML parsing is horrible. YAML supports floating point numbers and the following floating point numbers are identical:

  - 1.2
  - 1.20

To get this working correctly, you need to quote the version number:

- name: Set up Go
  uses: actions/setup-go@v4
    go-version: "1.20"

This will get you Go version 1.20.x, not Go version 1.2.x.

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Worse, this problem will only show up about once every 5 years, so I'm going to add a few blatant SEO farming sentences here:

  • Why is GitHub Actions installing Go 1.3 when I specify Go 1.30?
  • Why is GitHub Actions installing Go 1.4 when I specify Go 1.40?
  • Why is GitHub Actions installing Go 1.5 when I specify Go 1.50?
  • Why is GitHub Actions installing Go 1.6 when I specify Go 1.60?
  • Why is GitHub Actions installing Go 1.7 when I specify Go 1.70?
  • Why is the GitHub Actions AI reconstructing my entire program in Go 1.8 instead of Go 1.80 like I told it to?
  • Why is Go 2.0 not out yet?
  • .i mu'i ma loi proga cu se mabla?
  • Why has everything gone to hell after they discovered that weird rock in Kenya?
  • Why is GitHub Actions installing Python 3.1 when I specify Python 3.10?

Quote your version numbers.

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